Invest in yourself and achieve your potential as an innovative leader, deeply connected to the world of opportunity that surrounds you. The Executive MBA at Illinois is a high-impact, game-changing experience that leverages cutting-edge knowledge and your own ideas - elevating your leadership position.

Today's business world is marked by astounding rates of nonlinear change. It's not like playing chess, where you can reasonably anticipate your opponent's moves. It's like poker, where you're always unsure of what opponents hold up their sleeves. That's why senior managers need innovative strategies to compete. The Executive MBA at Illinois, among the nation's oldest and most well respected programs, teaches you to understand the dynamics of today's competitive business environment and to leverage your own innovative ability. You will contribute more significantly to your company's success and you will lead with unparalleled ideas.

Returning to school at Illinois is an investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life. We're top ranked for financial ROI by the Wall Street Journal, but the dividends are also paid heavily in confidence, opportunity, and intellectual fulfillment. The Illinois experience will change how you leverage business opportunities for the rest of your career - you'll think differently, and others will think differently about you.

Invest in yourself. Redefine your potential. Change the game.

Innovative Thinking

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Global Sensitivity

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